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The image at the Australian Google Search page for May 28th 2012: Ruby Payne-Scott’s 100th birthday

Ruby Payne-Scott (also known as Ruby Hall) (1912-1981)

Born in Grafton in 1912, Payne-Scott later moved to Sydney, where, in her 20s, she completed a Bachelor of Science in Physics, a Master of Science, and a Diploma of Education at University of Sydney.

From her Wikipedia entry

"One of the more outstanding physicists that Australia has ever produced and one of the first people in the world to consider the possibility of radio astronomy, and thereby responsible for what is now a fundamental part of the modern lexicon of science, she was often the only woman in her classes at the University of Sydney.

Her career arguably reached its zenith while working for the Australian government's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (then called CSIR, now known as CSIRO) […]. Some of her fundamental contributions to solar radio astronomy came at the end of this period. She is the discoverer of Type I and Type III bursts and participated in the recognition of Type II and IV bursts. Payne-Scott played a major role in the first-ever radio astronomical interferometer observation from 26 January 1946, when the sea-cliff interferometer was used to determine the position and angular size of a solar burst. […]

During World War II, she was engaged in top secret work investigating radar. She was the expert on the detection of aircraft using PPI (Plan Position Indicator) displays. She was also at the time a member of the Communist Party and an early advocate for women’s rights. […]”

Payne-Scott married Bill Holman Hall in 1944, but was forced to keep the marriage a secret for several years — married women were forbidden by law to hold permanent positions in public service at that time. Maternity leave was also yet to be introduced, and in 1951, some time after losing her permanent position at CSIRO due to her marital status, Payne-Scott resigned. She had her son Peter, the first of two children, several months later.

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