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First Dog on the Moon on … remembering the fallen - cartoon

A brilliant, thought provoking cartoon on Australia’s Frontier Wars…
Source: The Guardian 
How to witchcraft


  1. light those
  2. stab this
  3. carve that
  4. shake jar
  5. say the thing
excerpt from the inquiry into treatment of children in australian detention centres
  • NAOMI SHARP [COUNSEL ASSISTING THE INQUIRY]: Are you aware that some children have tried to poison themselves or ingest harmful substances?
  • NAOMI SHARP: Are you aware that some children are banging their heads against walls?
  • PETER YOUNG: Yeah, that's a common method of self-harm. ... It's quite clear that we've got a large number of children with significant mental distress and disorder in this population.
  • NAOMI SHARP: What has the department [of Immigration]'s reaction been to your report?
  • PETER YOUNG: Sort of reacted with alarm and have asked us to withdraw these figures from our reporting.
  • NAOMI SHARP: I beg your pardon?
  • PETER YOUNG: They've asked us to withdraw the figures from our reporting.



Fuck this, of course.

Fuck, additionally, all the trickle-down “opportunities” that a crisis like this one creates.

Read the  St. Louis Post-Dispatch, put together by incredibly hard-working and underpaid professionals who live and breathe and understand the community.